1 Apr 2014

watery bodies

....reading the current Raw Vision I came across an article about Andre Robillard...his take on the figure inspired these brown/terracotta watercolour big heads.

10 Mar 2014

What I love or dream about

A lovely thing happened a few weeks back. I had an email from a French artist and teacher called Mathilde who works with kids and adults and clay in various settings all over Paris.  Inspired by my work she set one of her groups of kids a project about what they love or dream about....and here is what they made.  
I love that these just turned up, all fully formed, in my inbox.  
I love that they are wet clay, and mixed clay in many cases, captured in these photos in this wonderful soon-to-pass state.
I love Mathilde's small descriptions and insights into her student's starting points:

Sami loves football and was inspired by the World Cup / Lina loves nature/Marc is passionate about the game "Angry Brids". He represented all the characters / Amy loves underwater world / Corentin loves fish and whales / Julianne collects rabbits / Anne-Laure loves Hello Kitty, hearts and flowers, like all girls... 

Thanks to Mathilde and her class!

16 Feb 2014

The sunny and the not exactly sunny

Wonderfully sunny and warm today at the studio with a clear clear view of the bridges to Wales.  Nonetheless these somewhat sunny-less people turned up.

11 Feb 2014

I heart Bath

...a very enjoyable visit to Elise Menghini's  exhibition at Bath Artists' Studios yesterday. 

Inspired by chandeliers found in No1 Royal Crescent and the Assembly Rooms and with Jasperware blue pieces- as a nod to Wedgwood's onceuponatime Milsom Street showroom - Elise's centre piece was a chandelier of cast architectural elements from around the city.  
Souvenir and tourist attraction were the themes here, but respectable, understated and considered rather than garish, bright and brash - very Bath! {in daylight hours at least -  i.e before closing time}

The 3D glasses and magic wallpaper were a big hit with a small person.

mainly wrong

trying to find the right face.........

4 Feb 2014

win a headset!

Just added to my shop - a brand new set of 5 postcards full details here
...and to mark this occasion I'm  giving away  2 sets over on my facebook page....
see here

15 Jan 2014

40 cars

I loved painting these {in a few cases} recognisable cars.
There are 40 cars for my brother who has reached an exciting birthday!